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Gene Moran has helped myriad clients navigate the murky waters of federal sales. As the Founder and President of Capitol Integration and an active duty Navy Captain, Gene has established himself as an expert who consistently brings agility, creativity and results to companies of all sizes: small startup firms, prime and sub-prime contractors, and large multi-billion dollar public enterprises. He is a proven Navy Financial Manager, designated Joint Specialty Officer and was just named one of top lobbyists of 2020 by the National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics,


But to me, he's much more than that; he's a client who I'm thrilled to call a friend. We published his #1 Amazon bestselling book, Pitching the Big Top: How to Master the 3-Ring Circus of Federal Sales, last year and are publishing his second book next year. Why is he doing two books, you ask? Well, you won't have to ask once you listen to this episode.  



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Whether authors go traditional or indie, we are all faced with the same issue: getting people to actually buy our books. In this episode, I get into the four best methods:

  • Just Ask
  • Be Strategic
  • Reach Out—and Out Again—to Everyone You Know
  • Don’t Expect Strangers to Care

For the show notes, where I break down each of those methods, go to www.launchpadpub.com/blog/buy

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It's the question I'm asked more than any other. In this episode, I get into: 

  • Why is it So Hard to Get on the New York Times Bestseller List?
  • How Many Copies Do You Have to Sell to Hit the List?
  • What Happens If You Try to Game The List?
  • If You Still Want to Get on the List...
  • Here's Why I Don't Think It Matters

For show notes, which break down all of these bits, go to: www.launchpadpub.com/blog/NYT

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Today I'm going to dispel some publishing myths and maybe discourage you a little bit, all in the name of showing you how you can launch a book that will build your brand and your business. But first we have to dispel myths. And so today I am answering a question that came to me from a listener, @michaelcringering is his Instagram handle.


Here's the question: “I started submitting to agents in March because I'm hoping to secure someone interested in my novel. I submitted to 153 agents in my genre but heard back from less than 25 percent. With that said and the pandemic raging, should I continue to wait or go ahead and self publish?”



  • The Caveat: I'm Biased Against Traditional Publishing
  • How Much Does It Matter to You?
  • You Can Publish Your Book Yourself 
  • The Rules with Novels Are Different
  • I Couldn't Make a Living Until I Could Answer the Question: What Do I Want This Book to do For Me?
  • You Have to Get Realistic
  • You Don't Need Them
  • If Your Goal is to Have a Writing Career...

FOR SHOW NOTES, WHICH INCLUDE A TRANSCRIPT, GO TO www.launchpadpub.com/blog/publishing

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This is an exciting time for the podcast for several reasons, at least one of which is that WE HAVE A NEW NAME! Yes, this has happened before. Oh yes, AfterPartyPod, Recover Girl, Light Hustler, Struggle to Success and some names I'm forgetting were used at some point. But this is the one we're sticking with and I'm not just saying that!


So why this change? Well, in this episode, I explain that since the show was becoming increasingly about how to build your brand with a book, it seemed only right to have a podcast name that reflected it. And now we've got it!


I couldn't have asked for a better guest for this pivot, since she's not only a brand builder extraordinaire but also a friend whose book I feel privileged to be able to publish.


Katie DePaola is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and the founder of Inner Glow Circle, a company dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs find their glow and live purpose-driven lives.


But most relevantly for our show, she is the author of At Least You Look Good: How to Glow Through What You Go Through, the latest release from Launch Pad Publishing. The book is part memoir, part self-help and all love; it's Katie's story about surviving Lyme disease and her brother's death by overdose while building her multi-million dollar business. 


Just because I have a guest this week doesn't mean those Q&A or break-the-expert's-strategy-down episodes are no longer. I'll continue alternating different ways of showing you guys how to build your brand with a book, both on my own and with special guests.


All of which is to say: if you want me to answer your writing question on this show, DM me on Instagram at @annabdavid!



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